About Me

My route to becoming a physician wasn't typical. I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and worked as a civilian for the Navy on minesweeper navigation systems. I then completed my Masters Degree in electrical engineering with a specialization in neural networks and 'artificial intelligence'. For various reasons (most importantly the opportunity to help people), I decided I wanted to be a physician and started medical school when I was 31 years old. I really enjoy making a difference in patient's lifestyle preventive care.

About my practice

I am part of a great team of family medicine physicians at the Kaiser Permanente Lakewood Medical Offices. I appreciate all the different aspects of family medicine, the great diversity of problems we evaluate, and the patients we treat. In 2002, I completed a fellowship in sports medicine at Ohio State University and continue to have a special interest in primary care sports medicine.

How I thrive

Balancing medicine and home life is a challenge. I gain perspective and appreciation of the many little things in life by being part of my daughter's life, and I value all the time I spend with my family. I am active, and run, bike, occasionally lift weights, and try to keep my mind engaged with reading.