About Me

I grew up in South Florida, but I had the opportunity to live in Atlanta for the first time while attending college at Emory. After traveling to Connecticut and Pennsylvania during my training, my family and I moved to South Carolina where I was in private practice for 20 years.

Most of those years were spent living on a small farm. It was a great place to raise our children and we learned some invaluable lessons there. We have three sons and also a daughter who passed away at a young age.

About my practice

My training took place in a setting much like Kaiser Permanente, but I quickly found that private practice was sometimes more about the business of medicine than it was the business of helping take care of people. I had been waiting for the opportunity to arise when I could practice medicine in a way that made more sense to me. Here at Kaiser Permanente, I feel there is as much a focus on being healthy as there is on treating illness.

I like my practice because I am able to see a wide range of patients from children to adults. My philosophy is that I want to treat people just as I would my family or friends. I have had the pleasure to meet people from many different backgrounds and have found most people have an interesting story to tell.

How I thrive

I have always enjoyed running and feel it is a great way for me to keep active both physically and mentally. My family even helped me celebrate my 50th birthday by completing a 50-mile ultra-marathon in Montana, which was quite an experience. My other hobbies include sailing, astronomy, playing keyboard/guitar and homebrewing.