About Me

Hello! My name is Dr. Bakhru. I am a pediatrician who is proud to have been practicing with Kaiser Permanente since 1991. Many of my early members are now parents, and it delights me when they trust their own children to my care. I love to work with children every day, and my relationship with them has in turn helped me maintain a youthful approach to life with a positive attitude.


I grew up in India in a family environment full of doctors. I, too, chose medicine as my career. I completed medical school in India and worked there for a few years. My eldest daughter has followed the family heritage and is a physician working in the San Diego area. My younger daughter is also on a career path to medicine. I immigrated to the United States in 1985 along with my family to seek new opportunities. We moved to Fresno, where I completed my residency in pediatrics at UC San Francisco's program at Valley Medical Center and Children's Hospital. Soon after, I accepted a position with Kaiser Permanente in Lancaster. Kaiser Permanente has always impressed me with its preventive approach to medicine. Before I was a Kaiser Permanente doctor, I was a member. I also appreciate the working environment and the great teamwork in our department. In addition to serving my own members, I work as assistant chief of pediatrics here, which allows me to advise and assist our entire staff.

About my practice

I do my best to empathize with both members and parents. I have been both and understand what they are going through. As I mentioned, I believe firmly in preventing problems before they crop up. By eating right, getting regular exercise, practicing good hygiene, and avoiding harmful habits, kids can lead long and satisfying lives. I have many teens as members in my practice and have raised my own through adolescence, so I can well understand the challenges they go through. By working on building trust and communications, both parents and their children can survive those teenage years. Should problems arise, I am always available to help.

How I thrive

In keeping with my Indian heritage, I have a passion for yoga and classical Indian music. Americanized, I also enjoy Western music, especially classic jazz. Trying to follow my own advice, I eat healthy foods, for the most part, and try to take a brisk walk at least 4 times a week.