About Me

I am a native Oregonian, born and raised in the Portland area. Medicine is my third career—I started out as a writer and editor and then went into midwifery. In time, the joy of caring for new families led me to practice family medicine. I went back to school to earn my medical degree from Oregon Health & Science University, and completed residency at Providence Oregon Family Medicine.

About my practice

The balance between health, illness, and the individuality of each person is complex. One approach may not fit everyone, and as much as possible I strive to help patients take control of their own health. I strongly believe lifestyle is at the core of good health and helps where medications fail, especially in the treatment of chronic issues such as pain, anxiety, depression, and obesity. I am still passionate about working with expectant moms and love to provide prenatal and newborn care. Kaiser Permanente’s dedication to preventive care makes it a perfect place for me to practice. Caring for ourselves now enables us to enjoy life more fully in the present and helps us to avoid problems in the future.

How I thrive

Spending time with my husband, watching my son grow and learn, and cuddling my dog fill my heart and bring me peace. I find balance in keeping my body moving and being outside. I hike in the rain and love Bikram yoga for both the exercise and the meditation. I also run and am hoping for a half-marathon one of these days. My guilty pleasure is reading long books, preferably those that are part of a series.