About Me

I have been around medicine all of my life. My father, an internist, was a wonderful role model growing up in a family of four girls. In fact, my twin sister and I both chose to become doctors. I grew up in Baltimore and attended college at Emory University. I have lived in Atlanta since I began college, and I consider the city my home. I am married to a surgeon and have three daughters, two dogs and a pony. We enjoy traveling to Virgin Islands and skiing in Colorado. I also enjoy exercising, especially running and yoga.

About my practice

I am a diagnostic radiologist. I chose radiology at a time of dramatic advances in technology and diagnostic imagery. I loved anatomy and found it difficult to choose just one specialty. As a radiologist, we are the consult doctors for every specialty. I also enjoy taking care of our Kaiser Permanente members and performing image guided procedures. Empathy for patients comes from having been on their side. I have been a mom advocate for my youngest daughter through many hospitalizations and surgeries for the past six years. My practice philosophy is no procedure should be considered routine or minor if you are the patient!

How I thrive

I was ready for a career change and am confident I made the right choice joining Kaiser Permanente in 2011. Balance in life is the key to happiness. I want to have a rewarding career, but also have time to spend with my family. Being a doctor is a privilege and what we do impacts the patients we see tremendously. My three girls know my husband and I go to work to take care of people who are sick and make them better. The Kaiser Permanente philosophy of health care and delivery allows me to do this in addition to promoting self-fulfillment outside of work.