About Me

Hello, I’m Dr. Danso, a physician practicing obstetrics and gynecology at Kaiser Permanente’s Lancaster Medical Offices. I enjoy working with my patients and helping them in any way I can.


Medicine runs in my family. My brother is also a physician and encouraged me to enter the field. I worked hard, earned high marks, and was fortunate enough to be accepted to Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. After interning in New Rochelle, I selected obstetrics as my specialty because it combines the compassionate skills of human interaction with the technical expertise required for surgery. To me, this was the best of both worlds. I went on to serve residencies with the Nassau County Medical Examiner’s Office and at Stanford University. I was in private practice for several years before joining Kaiser Permanente in 2007.

About my practice

To me, the most fulfilling part of my practice is when I run into a former patient with one or more children in tow. Knowing that I played a role in helping form this family gives me great satisfaction. In my practice, I do my best to listen to my patients’ needs and address them in any way possible. I encourage them to have a frank and open conversation with me regarding any issues they may have so that together we can develop sound strategies for handling them as effectively as possible.

How I thrive

My secret passion is architecture. It was my minor in college, and I love to read about it, look at it, and explore building industry trade shows for new ideas. Every so often, wanderlust overcomes me and I’ll escape to a faraway land for a week or two. I have visited Europe and Africa as well as many corners of the United States.