About Me

I was raised in the mountains of Colorado. Science and medicine have long held my fascination. The idea of learning different fields of science and using that knowledge to help people is still amazing to me. There is nothing like the feeling of helping someone feel better so they can go on to live their life. I attended CU Boulder for college and University of Colorado Health Sciences Center for medical school. Following medical school, it was time for me to experience something outside of Colorado. I did my internal medicine residency at Rush University and had four wonderful years in Chicagoland. My husband and I then returned to Colorado where I completed my fellowship in cardiology at CU. I also did a fellowship in electrophysiology, but ultimately decided that I really enjoyed general cardiology. I was fortunate to join the Cardiology department at the Rock Creek Medical Offices in 2006.

About my practice

In general, I see adults over 18 years old with cardiology problems or concerns. Most patients are referred to me by their primary care provider. My philosophy in caring for patients is to listen to the patient’s story carefully as the answer often lies in that information. However, it is also important to gather other data which can include labs, tests and previous medical records to help me provide the best care and map out a plan of care. In the last 20 years, the specialty of cardiology has really grown and now offers great management options for various cardiac conditions. I believe that the patient is a part of the care team and plays an essential role in achieving the goal of improved health. I am also happy to have partners whose opinions I trust and whose expertise can vary from mine in different aspects of cardiology. This allows me to collaborate with others when needed to provide the best and most appropriate care for you!

How I thrive

I have great interest in finding just a moment in my day to be reflective. I most enjoy these moments when I am outdoors. Laughter is integral to my day as well. I love music and feel my best if there is some music playing as I go through my day, whether I’m on the slopes, driving or at work.