About Me

I grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii. After high school, I took a year to work and travel before college. Part of that time was spent in southern Africa, where the health care challenges I saw sparked my interest in medicine. I studied and trained in Southern California and New Orleans before moving to Denver, where I've loved the opportunity to live in a vibrant city while spending time outdoors.

About my practice

I chose to subspecialize in breast imaging because of its central role in women's health and the collaboration imagers have with primary care providers and other specialists. I enjoy the mix of image interpretation, performing procedures and seeing patients. Most importantly, I feel fortunate to work with patients who are so engaged in their care. I want patients to feel free to discuss their questions and concerns with me. I strive to give patients the correct information to base their choices on.

How I thrive

I thrive by biking to work and slowing down where I can. On weekends, I enjoy hiking and paddleboarding with my wife, two daughters and dog. When I'm away from work, I replace screen time with a book. I especially enjoy crime fiction.