About Me

Since 2000, I have been a Kaiser Permanente physician (and member), and I appreciate my role in our members' health care delivery. I am also a dedicated father of a son and a daughter. I try to balance work and family life as best as possible in this fast-paced age in a high-tech society. Keeping grounded is very important, and maintaining a connection with our environment is one way we can try to live in the moment. I look forward to meeting new people and seeing new places.


I was born in Oregon but have spent the majority of my life in California. I also enjoyed several years in the Southwest. I obtained my bachelor's of science in biochemistry from UCLA, attended medical school at Stanford University, and did my residency in family medicine at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente, I worked at Chapa-De Indian Health Clinic in Auburn, CA, and for the Indian Health Service, Navajo Region, in Chinle, AZ.

About my practice

I think of my job as being an equal partner and guide to members. I am a firm believer in the practice of medicine based on evidence and current research, and I do not think that treating every symptom with a pill is wise. I believe we can achieve wellness by adhering to a healthy lifestyle, the 4 pillars of which are regular, active exercise, a nutritious diet, avoidance of illicit drugs and unhealthy or risky behaviors, and adequate rest (including meditation and prayer). Due to widespread prescription drug abuse, I hope to help institute safe and sensible prescribing guidelines to stop this epidemic, which is affecting our society and especially the children.

How I thrive

I am thankful each and every day. I appreciate a loving family and wonderful colleagues and friends. My hobbies are jogging and hiking. I enjoy going to movies and sports events. I am a novice tennis player and hope to catch a few waves while living in the San Diego area.