About Me

Hi! Welcome to my Web page. I love working at Kaiser Permanente because I have very friendly, respectful colleagues and medical assistants; they make it easier for me to help my patients.


I grew up in rural China, where I learned to grow vegetables and herbs. After my medical training and two years of work in China in the field of physical medicine, I came to the United States to study public health at Loma Linda University. I also passed the California Acupuncture Board examination in 1992. After teaching and practicing acupuncture for a while, I went to the Medical College of Wisconsin for my internship and residency training.

About my practice

I mainly treat musculoskeletal pain. I see patients who have chronic pain, such as neck, back, shoulder, or knee pain, or fibromyalgia. I find that the most successful treatment of chronic pain is a comprehensive approach: daily proper exercise (physical and mental), stress management, proper diet, good quality sleep, alternative treatments, and short-term medical interventions such as injection or medications.

How I thrive

In my spare time, I go hiking and walk along the beach with my husband and kids. I believe internal balance is important to achieving good health. I view life as a journey: do not be afraid, just walk through it.