About Me

I am originally from Portland, Maine, but grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My wife and I decided to relocate about a year ago because she is originally from the Northwest and wanted to be closer to family in the area and in Idaho. I am really enjoying living here, the city is great and I love the outdoor opportunities provided in the surrounding region. I spend a lot of my free time outdoors and love snowboarding, hiking, and biking.

About my practice

I am one of the emergency medicine physicians at Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center. I chose to be an Emergency Room physician because I love the excitement, the variety and the opportunity to serve patients at their greatest time of need. I love the opportunity to meet new people on a daily basis and strive to make people as comfortable as possible during very difficult times. In addition, I have begun to work at the telephonic medical center. This is a new and exciting aspect of my practice. It allows me to have additional variability in my practice, interact with more patient and providers and help provide service to our patients in an entirely new way.

How I thrive

I thrive by achieving a balance between work, relaxation and time with friends and family. I find the time I spend outside of work to be key to this. I love my time outdoors and especially enjoy my time with my wife, friends, family and dogs. I find that having a balance between work and personal time is key to happiness.