About Me

I grew up in Honolulu and graduated from La Pietra – Hawaii School for Girls. During college, medical school, and residency I lived in Massachusetts, and although I enjoyed those years in school on the mainland, I’m grateful to now be back in Hawaii with my family.

About my practice

I wanted to apply my love for the biological sciences in a way that had a direct positive impact on people’s lives. Practicing medicine allows me to do just this — to use science to inform my work and to interpret its findings for people to improve their health. I was trained in internal medicine and pediatrics and have enjoyed caring for both children and adults. As a pediatric hospitalist I’m able to care for children while also helping their families cope with having a child in the hospital. I completed my post-graduate training with a three-year educational scholarship program through the Academic Pediatric Association. At the national Pediatric Academic Society meeting in Washington, D.C., I presented original research findings on resident interactions with families of pediatric patients in the hospital. Teaching residents and participating in case discussions are valuable ways to stay up-to-date on clinical information. I also read medical journals, attend professional conferences for pediatricians and hospitalists, and look up patient-specific inquiries online on a daily basis. The Hawaii Permanente Medical Group has resources not found at most medical institutions, and it promotes practical research that can be applied to the daily care of patients in a cost-effective manner. I see Kaiser Permanente as a model of integrated services that I would like to see made broadly available. There are many aspects of quality medical care — technical competence, careful listening, and the use of medical knowledge in choosing a treatment plan for specific needs. In my opinion, a physician is a bridge between knowing what medicine can offer and explaining realistic outcomes. I feel privileged to be in a position in which I’m able to instill confidence in people who are feeling vulnerable in the face of illness and to provide them needed comfort.

How I thrive

Spending time with family and friends keeps me emotionally balanced. Expanding my knowledge not only of medicine, but also of the cultures and natural history of Hawaii, keeps me intellectually engaged. I enjoy being physically active and feel healthiest when immersed in the beauty of our ocean and mountains. I love to sail, swim, surf, hike, and share meals with loved ones.