About Me

After growing up in Chicago, Illinois and finishing my training in the midwest, I practiced at The University of Chicago Hospitals for seven years where I enjoyed directing a community health center and teaching students and residents. However, I loved the idea of having more outdoor experiences with my family. The last nine years have given me fabulous opportunities to practice on the Navajo Reservation with Indian Health Service as well as working at a community health center in Flagstaff, Arizona. Seeking family balance has brought me to Portland, Oregon where I enjoy working with women during the most intense parts of childbirth as an OB-GYN hospitalist while my musician husband and family and I can take advantage of all that the Northwest has to offer, together.

About my practice

The most enjoyable and satisfying part of my professional career has always been my time spent on labor and delivery and in the hospital. I have found that helping women find their strength to maneuver the challenge of childbirth is an inspiring and fulfilling experience. I truly enjoy working with women to help them achieve the birth they want, in an environment that keeps them safe as well. Working along with midwives at the Kaiser Permanente hospitals further reinforces my love of family centered birthing.

How I thrive

I am inspired by color, nature and exercise: running along the dark blue lakefront in Chicago with my husband, hiking through the oranges and browns of the Southwest and now watching soccer games and watching things grow in the millions of greens (and grays) of the Northwest. My family is indulgent of my ever changing vegetable garden plans, and the city girl in me still laughs that she has chickens in her backyard. Having played college sports, my husband and I are having fun sharing our love of exercise and the outdoors with my son and daughter. Enjoying my musical family and their talents fills my heart with song, and gives me peace.