About Me

I grew up in Las Vegas, Nev., but have lived in Colorado since 1989. I love Colorado and chose to remain because of the diversity of seasons and the people. I am married, have 3 boys, and 3 fur babies, a pug and 2 boxers. I enjoy working with families and I chose to become a nurse practitioner to provide excellent care to families, especially new mom and babies. I enjoy partnering with pharmacists, physicians, and therapists/specialists to provide the best care I can for my patients. This is what is most rewarding to me as an advanced practice nurse. Sometimes life takes you to unexpected places, but if you just hang in there, the reward is worth it. I am so proud to be part of the Kaiser Permanente family, providing excellent patient care to families.

About my practice

I chose to be a family nurse practitioner for several reasons. I wanted to provide care to families. Working on the perinatal hospital and homecare team allows me that privilege. I really enjoy collaborating and partnering with families in their care. I have special needs children of my own and really enjoy working with these families. One amazing way our team works together is collaborating with ob-gyns, pediatricians, and each other to promote breastfeeding and best feeding choices for new families.

How I thrive

I really enjoy hiking, reading for pleasure, salsa dancing, and escape rooms.