About Me

Although originally from the Northeast, I lived most of my adult life in Houston, TX. Prior to becoming a doctor, I was an economist for a large US airline based in Houston. In my early thirties, I had my "mid-life" crisis. Instead of buying a new car, I decided to go back to medical school! I attended Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, which is consistently ranked among the top medical schools in the country. I also did my Neurology residency there. Having previously been an economist, I like for things to "add up." Neurology is just such a field of medicine. If you understand the nervous system, you can generally make sense of patients' symptoms, pin down the area of concern, and help them! I feel very lucky to be working in such a rewarding field of medicine!

About my practice

Although I see all types of Neurology patients, I have chosen to sub-specialize in the field of multiple sclerosis. I have my certification as an MS specialist from the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers.

How I thrive

Balance in life is important. Although I love my job, I also enjoy my time off. I live in Portland's West Hills and have a beautiful garden to work in. I enjoy hiking with my dog on the trails around my house. I am also an avid traveler; I have been to 99 countries. Just one more and I can join the "Century Club," which is reserved for people who have been to at least 100 countries! I travel to Germany annually to visit friends. I spent some of my undergraduate time in college in Germany, so I speak the language and have a lot of friends there, but I also enjoy traveling to Africa. I have visited the African continent at least 20 times. The landscape, animals and people are just wonderful!