About Me

I grew up in the small, but well known, city of Fargo, ND. Over the last 15 years, before coming to Kaiser Permanente, I worked in many different facets of public education including teaching, and most recently as a counselor.

About my practice

My primary goal is to be here for you to help you find healing in your life. I work as a team with our specialists, pharmacists, and others to coordinate my patient’s care. I think it takes a lot of courage to pursue counseling and I have deep respect for people who do. I work from a strength based approach, teaching skills to reduce anxiety, depression, and common child/adolescent/adult conflicts. I believe we are the source of our own healing and I am here just to be a guide. My areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, gifted and talented youth, grief and loss, parenting, and stress.

How I thrive

Connecting with friends and family is how I thrive. I find connection with those you care about to be the most important. I love having friends and family over for dinner and trying new paleo recipes. I love learning and reading books; my current favorite author is Brene Brown. Walking/hiking in this beautiful state brings me great joy because, for me, it doesn't get better than living in Colorado.