About Me

I moved to Colorado over 15 years ago and have been with Kaiser Permanente since 2005. I am constantly attending trainings to better my skills and take pride in being up-to-date in current care. I am trained in a number of therapies: EMDR, DBT, CBT, and ACT, to name a few.

About my practice

My goal is to provide the most appropriate care for my patients, so they are getting the care they deserve and need. Although my training is very diverse, I specialize in trauma, families, couples, and teens. I believe in empowering clients. I work with clients to identify values and strengths to live a meaningful life. I tend to be direct and solution focused. I want to understand patients to best know how to meet treatment goals while still being compassionate, thoughtful, and caring.

How I thrive

I enjoy several outdoor activities which contribute to balance in my life.