About Me

I grew up in Minnesota, which is a beautiful area, despite the cold, and I still miss its lakes. However, I have been fortunate to live in many other beautiful areas including Hawaii and California--and now Oregon. My family and I have decided to remain here because Oregon has been "the best place of all." During my years in California, I joined the Kaiser Permanente family of providers and was thrilled with the high quality of care that Kaiser Permanente provides. My enthusiasm continues.

About my practice

I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist. I believe that growing up in our world is complicated and can sometimes get confusing or overwhelming. I also believe that families today have many pressures, which sometimes causes major stress within the family, despite everyone's good intentions. When individuals and families come to me for help, I view it as a privilege and honor to "join forces" and work together to clarify what factors are contributing to their difficulties and find ways to resolve those problems. I provide treatment for many conditions including anxiety disorders; depression and bipolar disorders; ADHD; and autism spectrum disorders. One of my primary tasks is to clarify whether treatment with medication would be helpful and, if so, find the best medicine and the best dose.

How I thrive

I need at least a little time each day to relax and think about the positive things in my life and in the world. Taking time to be appreciative is crucial and helps me to keep a balanced perspective. I also try to maintain a good sense of humor and to seek out opportunities to have fun; laughter helps me to stay balanced. My body wants me to exercise regularly, which I do not love, but I can tolerate it as long as I can listen to good music. I strongly believe that regular exercise is paramount in maintaining our sense of well-being.