About Me

My grammar school years were spent in a small town in Pennsylvania, where I had great fun sledding and playing in the snow all winter and riding my bike all summer long. However, my parents wanted to return to the South since they were not having as much fun shoveling or driving in the snow as I was playing in it! Georgia has been my "home sweet home" for most of the past 40 years. I am grateful to have both of my parents still with me in their eighties, and I cherish the time I have with them.I knew early on that I had a passion and calling to be with people through their difficult times, and I have now been a therapist for more than 30 years. We all have times in our lives when some additional support and guidance can be helpful. It is an honor for me to help our members in times of distress. I love helping people find their strengths and move towards healing and flourishing in their lives.

About my practice

I provide therapy to adults, children and adolescents. I can help with problems of mood, behavior and communication. If you are going through a divorce, grief and loss, dealing with an aging parent or a child with temper tantrums, I am here to provide assistance to help you learn, grow, heal and flourish. I strive to help people find and develop their strengths and learn healthy coping skills. Someone to listen and understand can also be helpful during difficult times. My goal is to provide a comfortable place to open up about your problems and provide you with the help you need to heal and move forward.

How I thrive

I thrive by walking every day with my dog, Savannah. She makes me smile and laugh with all of her energy and playfulness as we enjoy the neighborhood. I love going out to eat and to see movies or hear music with my friends. I am always up for ethnic cuisine and trying new places. I also cherish spending time with my parents. I focus every day on all I have to be grateful for, and I talk to supportive friends and family when I need someone to listen. Taking good care of me helps me be able to not only enjoy my life, but also helps me take better care of you.