About Me

I was born in Northeast China, in Harbin—home of the annual International Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival. I grew up in California and attended college at UC Berkeley. While there, I discovered an interest in medicine, science, and innovation, and subsequently pursued medical training. This rewarding journey, which led me to Portland for a glaucoma fellowship, now gives me the privilege to connect with patients and improve their quality of life through eye care.

About my practice

I am delighted to be part of the Kaiser Permanente Northwest ophthalmology practice, based for the most part at the Clackamas Eye Center. In addition to practicing comprehensive ophthalmology and taking care of patients with cataracts, I subspecialize in glaucoma and treat all adult forms of this group of diseases. Glaucoma treatment is an evolving field, and our understanding of it continues to expand. Most importantly, however, this field relies on developing a special rapport and partnership with members. Together we can work toward improving and preserving vision, independence, and quality of life.

How I thrive

In addition to my commitment to patient care, I enjoy spending time with my family and loved ones, staying active, taking photos, trying new recipes, and playing the piano. I have come to love Portland, a beautiful city with a vibrant community that nurtures all of my creative outlets.