About Me

I grew up in Southern California, where I did a lot of surfing! My passion was playing the violin and piano, and I started college at USC planning on being a musician. Eventually, reality set in and I studied biology and chemistry. I never stopped playing, however, and I have played in orchestras in Portland and currently play in a trio where we perform for benefit concerts to help organizations around town. I have been married to the same wonderful lady for over twenty years. We both travel and dance in ballroom clubs. I have made only two really smart decisions in my life; my wife and my work at Kaiser Permanente. I couldn't do without either.

About my practice

I have worked at Kaiser Permanente for over twenty-five years now. I started when general surgeons did just about everything. Things have changed a lot since then. During that time I have tried to make a difference in our group of physicians. I was on the physician's Board of Directors for fourteen years and have been an Assistant Chief of Surgery for almost twenty years. I am also an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Oregon Health Sciences University. My areas of specialty include thyroid and parathyroid surgery, breast surgery, and abdominal diseases.

How I thrive

I try to do something new each day if I can! Learning something new in my practice. A new dance step. A new piece of music. Meeting a new person. Like most people, it's hard to always find time to exercise, but I do my best! I volunteer on the Board of Directors of various Fine Arts groups in town. And I love to sample the great restaurants in Portland. But really, life as a surgeon is pretty busy already. I am very thankful that I just love my job!