About Me

Hello! First of all, let me welcome you to my Web page. I’m one of the primary care physicians at the Kaiser Permanente Vandever Medical Offices. Our goal is to assist the well-being of our members and their families.


I was raised in San Diego and finished all my education in Southern California. I attended UC Riverside for college and UCLA for medical school. I finished my training in family medicine at Fontana Medical Center, where I was chief resident. After completing my training, I returned to San Diego because this is where my family is. I also enjoy the great weather and the beautiful beaches.

About my practice

I’m part of a team of five physicians supported by LVNs (licensed vocational nurses), medical assistants, and receptionists. We strive to provide the services that best meet our members' health care needs. We provide regular appointments to make sure members with chronic illnesses are doing well. For our healthy members, we provide preventive care to try to prevent the onset of chronic illness. Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

How I thrive

Trying to be proactive in maintaining your health is the best way to stay well. I make it a habit to exercise three to four days each week. I belong to a gym, and exercise for one to two hours each time I go. Exercise is a great way to maintain your physical health, but it's also a great way to relieve stress.