About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. I grew up in Minnesota in a medical family, and always knew I wanted to be an optometrist.


I have lived in four different states and have found beauty in all areas of this country. From spending time in Miami as well as from my studies, I feel very comfortable speaking Spanish. I try to serve the community, both locally and abroad. I am on the board of the Los Angeles County Optometric Society, I regularly volunteer at vision screenings and health fairs in Los Angeles, and I have traveled to India, Haiti, and post-Katrina New Orleans for medical mission trips.

About my practice

I believe vision is precious, and try to always look at eyes as how they relate to overall health and well-being. I am glaucoma certified and also specialize in orthoptics or vision therapy, helping children and adults with certain eye conditions use both eyes together better as a team.

How I thrive

I enjoy cooking healthy, fresh foods for my family. I stay active by running, doing yoga, and having dance parties with my two kids.