About Me

I was born and raised in Taiwan. I came to this country to complete my medical training, first at Pottsville Hospital in Pennsylvania, then at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago at Northwestern University (widely considered to be one of the top physical medicine and rehabilitation programs in the country.) While I enjoyed my time in Chicago, I was drawn to the wonderful scenery and mild climate of the Pacific Northwest. I decided to move to Seattle, Washington to complete a fellowship program in physiatry at the University of Washington, before settling down in Portland with my wife to raise our three sons. We truly love living in Portland (especially now that we have a handsome new grandson!) We love the sense of community and the people in Portland, but most of all, we love the great food and all of the outdoor activities just a short drive away.

About my practice

I worked for many years in more "academic-based" medicine. I decided to come to Kaiser Permanente because of their commitment to compassionate, quality, patient-oriented care. During my time at Kaiser Permanente Permanete, I have been impressed by the sense of teamwork of all of the physicians and medical staff here. Most of all, I have been able to focus my efforts on practicing my specialty. I specialize in the assessment and rehabilitation of a variety of neuromusculoskeletal conditions as well as dong electrodiagnostic study for neuromuscular problems. Many of the medical conditions we see in our practice do not have a "cure," so we all strive to work with and educate the patient so that they can achieve the optimal functional level possible.

How I thrive

I thrive by exercising regularly, going to yoga classes, gardening and golfing. Most all, I thrive by spending time with my wife, my family and friends. My wife and I also love to travel to different parts of the world with my family to experience new things and learn about different cultures and sample different cuisines. As new grandparents, we also plan to spend lots of time spoiling our new grandson.