About Me

Welcome to my Web site. I hope this gives you a chance to learn a little more about me. I look forward to helping you optimize your health.


I grew up in Bishop, California. Later, I moved to Southern California for medical school and I’ve been here ever since! I feel fortunate to live in a location with so many diverse opportunities.

About my practice

I enjoy all aspects of women's health, but I‘m particularly interested in minimally invasive gynecology. I feel passionate about providing high-quality surgical care while giving my members the chance to return to their normal lives as quickly as possible. I’m glad that Kaiser Permanente gives me the opportunity to do that while also caring for women through their pregnancies and other aspects of their lives and health.

How I thrive

Working at Kaiser Permanente gives me the opportunity to have more balance in my life. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, yoga, and running. I also very much enjoy spending time with friends and family in more relaxed pursuits like going to the movies or the beach.