About Me

I was born in a Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Long Beach California. My family moved to Eugene when I was 10, and I consider myself an Oregonian. I trained for pathology in Detroit, Michigan, and completed a dermatopathology fellowship in Denver, Colorado. I have been practicing pathology since 1989. My husband and I have four daughters, but now have an empty nest as they have grown and moved on. My husband trained in dermatology at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan and has recently retired. We have 6 llamas on our 3 acres, but have not been breeding them since our children have gotten older. My husband, myself, our four daughters and one son-in-law are all certified scuba divers.

About my practice

I am a board certified dermatopathologist and enjoy the many interesting and unusual cases that flow through the pathology department.

How I thrive

After undergoing an eighth vertebral back fusion procedure for scoliosis, I am not able to enjoy many activities. However, I walk on a treadmill for 3 miles 4 days a week. While walking I enjoy watching television to stay motivated.