About Me

I have spent the majority of my life involved in the medical field in one capacity or another. I started as a candy striper at age 13, and I was hooked. There was no place like the hospital in my mind, and that was when I knew I wanted to go to medical school. Life sidetracked my plans a bit, and I went into nursing. I worked through college as a nurse's aide, and then as a registered nurse for eight years. I always knew I would eventually get back to my dream of being a doctor, though I would not trade my years in nursing for anything.Finally, the timing seemed right, and I received a medical scholarship courtesy of the Air Force. I have never regretted this path, and feel extremely fortunate and blessed. I cannot imagine any profession providing the degree of fulfillment and sense of personal achievement that medicine, and in particular surgery, provides.

About my practice

Our general surgery practice has evolved over the years to incorporate the surgery-hospitalist model into what was a traditional practice. This means our schedules alternate between weeks in the hospital, rounding and performing emergency consults and surgery. Our weeks in the office are scheduled with elective surgery and appointments. This has allowed us to be readily available to our members with emergent surgical problems, without disrupting care for our members with scheduled appointments in the clinic. It has also enhanced the sense of teamwork within our group. I feel very fortunate to work within an organization that fully supports us in our goal towards providing high-quality surgical care efficiently to our members.

How I thrive

I believe you never stop going to school, the facilities just change. I keep the love of learning something new alive, and reading is high on my list of downtime activities. I also enjoy travel, both locally and beyond. Being exposed to different cultures and languages is an education in and of itself. My family lives in Las Vegas, which gives me a good excuse to travel there a couple times a year. Though I am not an athlete, I do strive to incorporate physical activity in my daily life in any way I can, and I particularly enjoy running.