About Me

I was born in Harpers Ferry, W.V. As a small town person, I always dreamed of traveling. I first traveled to Cambridge, Mass. and graduated with honors from Harvard University. I then moved to Los Angeles, graduating from UCLA Medical School. My next travel adventure was in Baltimore, Md. I had the honor of completing my orthopedic residency training at Johns Hopkins Medicine. I then ventured to Birmingham, Ala., to spend 15 months with James Andrews, MD, in his sports medicine fellowship program. In 1990, I moved with my wife and three daughters to one of the best cities in the country - Atlanta - to start my orthopedic/sports medicine practice.

About my practice

I love practicing orthopedics. I knew this the first time I saw an x-ray. I am a visual and mechanical person by nature. I started playing sports in the second grade. I was coached by my father in high school on our championship teams. I was an All-Ivy League football player at Harvard and went on to play professional football in both the World Football League (Philadelphia Bell) and the National Football League (Cleveland Browns). Because of my experiences and training, I specialize and enjoy treating complex sports injuries, especially of the knee and shoulder.

How I thrive

I try to practice what I advocate. I enjoy all sports. I work out at least four days a week, and I am an avid biker and love golf (although I consider myself a bit of a "hacker"). I understand the physical and psychological aspects of sports injuries and rehab, and I love to see our members thrive.