About Me

I am a Colorado native. I grew up in a small town in the San Luis Valley. I love to garden and get my hands in the dirt. I am grounded in family, which includes my own family, extended family and friends. I love cooking and experiencing all of Denver’s booming restaurants and food culture.

About my practice

With more than 10 years of experience in primary care, I have come to appreciate the value in partnership between me and my patients. I have evolved my own health paradigm and thought process. I am currently working on a functional medicine certification through the Institute for Functional Medicine. This extra skillset allows me to work with and guide engaged patients who are taking responsibility for their own health and vitality. I recognize the important relationship between lifestyle, environment, genetics and toxins on the growing chronic disease burden in health care. My goal is to educate my patients on the many opportunities for change as we work on “inching up” the continuum of health and optimal wellness. I was trained in a full-spectrum family medicine residency. I care for all generations of the family, but refer more complex and chronic medication management to my internal medicine colleagues. I am able to perform minor clinical procedures. I care for diverse patient populations with diverse health needs, including pediatrics, women’s health, sports medicine, lifestyle medicine and health optimization. There is no “magic pill” for health and wellness. I see myself as a health coach more than a “pill pusher.”

How I thrive

Roots of good health are the results of grounded physical, emotional and spiritual health. I find connection when out in nature, and through gardening, meditation and reading. I love to be creative. I have recently ventured into the creative world of interior home design and flipping/remodeling homes.