About Me

I grew up in and around Detroit, Michigan. I attended optometry school at Indiana University. I was in private practice in the Detroit area following graduation and moved to Colorado in 1984, so I'm at least a semi-native. I'm married and have two grown daughters. Our first visit to Colorado was December, 1982(yes the Christmas blizzard) and we still made the move. Can't imagine living anywhere else.

About my practice

The eye care department of Kaiser Permanente allows me to practice with the most advanced technologies available. I enjoy being able to help manage patients vision and eye health needs, and to be a member of a team that can help make patients quality of life as good as it can be with the comprehensive medical resources available. I believe every patient should be treated with compassion and courtesy.

How I thrive

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride. I spend time walking my dog every day. She teaches me a lot about simple pleasures. I like to travel. Yellowstone and Canyonlands National Parks along with Mesa Verde were great. The Hawaiian Islands never cease to amaze me. My wife and I can always seem to find something around the house that needs updating or repairing and whenever I can, I like getting "hands on" with those projects.