About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I know you will find a Kaiser Permanente provider who will assist you in improving your health or maintaining your good health. The following is a bit of information about me.


I was born and raised in Philadelphia and attended the University of Pennsylvania and Temple Medical School. I decided to try out the West Coast for an internship and a master's in toxicology at UCLA. I love the climate and easy access to the wild places of the western states and a few years has now become a few decades.

About my practice

I strongly believe in preventive medicine. I encourage members to lead a lifestyle that maintains good health, rather than depending on technology and medicine (and me) to repair damage that may have been averted. That said, my nurse, support team, and I are dedicated to providing high-quality evidence-based medicine and compassionate care for our members when needed. One of the aspects of my practice I enjoy the most is how diverse my members are -- from young children to my members in their late 90s. My oldest patient just passed away at 102 and I learned a lot about life from her, namely, the way to living a long life is to be happy. Learning to be happy is a skill that we all need to work on improving and perfecting. I also specialize in helping overweight and obese members and manage our weight management programs at South Bay.

How I thrive

I love the outdoors and allot time to hike, mountain climb, camp, and bicycle. Also, I enjoy adventure travel and immersing myself in foreign cultures, making new friends, and learning new ways of living. The world and its people fascinate me.