About Me

I grew up in Vernon, New Jersey and moved to Colorado in the mid-1990s as a keyboard player in a rock band. After a decade of robot costumes, salsa music, all-request comedy, and RV tours with a dozen different bands, I decided to follow in the footsteps of my father, a small town general practitioner who ran a clinic on the ground floor of my childhood home. I'm newly married, fully transitioned to the suburbs, and only sometimes overwhelmed raising an increasingly terrifying but awe-inspiring teenage daughter and two high-energy, Star Wars-loving stepsons. I love my job, and I look forward to working with you to get the most out of your relationship with your family doctor.

About my practice

I work hard to understand the individualized health care goals of my patients and make sure that they, in turn, understand the different ways in which their needs might be met by the massive apparatus of modern medicine. Collaboration with specialists and close working relationships with the members of my health care team help me to navigate these tasks. I sincerely enjoy the increasingly turbulent and always changing practice of medicine and look forward to a lifetime serving families and patients of all ages.

How I thrive

I perform live music with various bands in the Denver/Boulder area and am continuing to spread rumors about my unfinished solo album (it's a magnum opus). I have been practicing traditional hot yoga for more than 20 years and recently began training for a return to triathlons–with the intention (for now) of finishing, not winning. I "act my age" by maintaining a healthy relationship with superhero comic books and await the now-annual release of new Star Wars movies with bated breath. I support Virtual Reality but still enjoy camping without WiFi.