About Me

I grew up in Pearl City and am part-Hawaiian. I went to the University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine for my medical degree and New York University for my internal medicine primary care residency.

About my practice

I believe in the coordinated care that Hawaii Permanente Medical Group provides to patients. Every person involved, from provider to staff member to patient, is part of a team with a common goal to enhance the member’s health and well-being. I aspire to provide high-quality, comprehensive, culturally sensitive care that focuses on the whole person rather than just a collection of symptoms. I enjoy guiding my patients as well as learning from them. They teach me on a daily basis the importance of hope, family, and being able to find joy and humor in life.

How I thrive

My faith and my family keep me grounded. I love going to church and being engaged in my community. I stay physically active by playing with my dog, going to the beach, boxing, and dancing.