About Me

Hello and welcome to my Web page! I am excited to be here at the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, and I look forward to meeting you and helping you take control of your health, happiness and life so that you can thrive each and every day!


I was born and raised in Tustin, California, where much of my childhood was spent outdoors on the sunny Orange County beaches. I left Southern California to study history and take pre-med classes at UC Berkeley. During my time there I volunteered at the Berkeley Free Clinic HIV Collective, which reaffirmed my desire to go into medicine and work with populations that have been marginalized despite an increased need for care. I moved to Los Angeles in 2008 where I attended the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and quickly fell in love with the field of family medicine, in which I could care for patients of all ages and get to know them and their families over time. I completed my internship and residency in Family Medicine right here at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, where I currently work as clinical faculty in the Departments of Family Medicine and Urgent Care.

About my practice

I enjoy a diverse practice of patients of all ages (from 0-100 and beyond!) and of all ethnicities. I maintain a continuity care clinic in the Department of Family Medicine, but I also work partly in Urgent Care and the hospital as well. Working in a variety of clinical settings allows me to continue challenging myself and learning new things every day, which I believe enriches my practice. I am interested particularly in Women's Health and LGBT comprehensive care, and feel comfortable seeing patients from all walks of life. I practice evidence-based medicine and enjoy continually reading and teaching to keep abreast of important and ever-changing treatments and topics in our field. However, I also strongly believe that wellness is central to one's physical health, and this includes mental, emotional, and social well-being—something that pills cannot always fix. Honesty and open communication are central to all of my patient relationships, and I approach every encounter knowing that I have as much to learn from my patients as they do from me.

How I thrive

I thrive by staying active - I enjoy spinning, boxing, yoga, hiking, and taking long walks outside. I am constantly stunned by the beauty of our National Parks (Yosemite and Zion are my favorites!) and try to visit at least once a year. I also enjoy staying local and dining out with family and friends at any number of amazing restaurants here in LA.