About Me

I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee but have completely lost my accent. I moved to the Pacific Northwest for college and have pretty much stayed since. I completed my undergraduate, medical training and residency in Seattle, Washington. Before knowing I wanted to study medicine, I majored in Southeast Asian studies and lived in Vietnam for several years after college. Though you might not guess it, I can speak Vietnamese!

About my practice

I am a full spectrum Family Medicine doctor. Until 2014, I delivered babies and managed patients in the hospital in addition to the clinic. I care for patients from the beginning to the end of their lives, including prenatal patients and infants. I also perform a variety of procedures in clinic. My general philosophy is that patients should take an active role in their health care and that we should make all medical decisions as a team.

How I thrive

I love eating good food, which I balance with near daily exercise in the form of running and a stationary bike. I also like to walk, hike and play tennis with my two children. I play the cello (though not very well) and really enjoy reading fiction and watching movies. I love photography but mostly just photograph my children.