About Me

I was born and raised in a small county in Indiana known for its corn and soybeans. When I became a doctor and had the opportunity to work at a small hospital in the mid-Pacific Marshall Islands, I traveled through Hawaii regularly, became enamored with the islands, and eventually made Hawaii my home. I love everything about Hawaii: the climate, community and lifestyle. My lovely and active wife was with me during our time in the Marshall Islands, promoting both cultural awareness and competitive swimming. She is originally from Argentina and has been really pleased to connect with the Hispanic community here in Hawaii. Much of my medical education has been "on-the-job” in somewhat remote locations. I completed an international medicine fellowship in Nicaragua, worked as a general practitioner and emergency medicine doctor in the Panama Canal Zone, practiced in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, and served 27 years in a small hospital caring for patients at the U.S. missile range in the Marshall Islands.

About my practice

I was drawn to medicine during a brief stint on a Central American Peace Corps project. The experience had a huge impact on me personally, and it drove me to learn the practical skills and knowledge needed to help the less fortunate live more comfortably and with less uncertainty. I earned my board certification in emergency medicine while practicing in an environment that demanded both family medicine and emergency medicine skills. Although I love the acute care setting of emergency medicine, my greatest pleasure comes from having a diverse practice and developing long-term relationships with my patients. I am truly a family medicine doctor at heart. I treasure the collaborative approach that the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group takes in involving physicians, medical staff and patients with improving health. I also value the group’s focus on continually developing information technology and care delivery processes, allowing us to practice the most cost-effective preventive medicine based on current medical evidence. My role is to help my patients understand and maintain their health. My goal is to assist my patients in finding and maintaining their strength, having positive engagement with their community and family, and gaining a confident self-sufficiency in their health maintenance. I really enjoy the moments when I can gain a deeper understanding of who my patients are outside of the office visit, including their life aspiriations, values, joys, and concerns.

How I thrive

Low-intensity jogging and swimming in the ocean are enjoyable ways I keep fit. I also find great pleasure in walking, hiking and exploring the world, from international travel to studying our local lava tubes. I love reading, maintaining friendships and contacts in Micronesia, and I continue to have a special interest in the cultural history of Micronesia. My family anchors me and gives me continuous joy.