About Me

I was born in Colorado and have lived here all my life. I decided to be a counselor because I enjoy helping people feel better and improve their quality of life.

About my practice

I have extensive history of working with behavioral health clients in both hospital and outpatient settings. I specialize in EMDR treatment, couples therapy, and individual therapy for adults. I try to be kind, compassionate and understanding in my practice. Electronic medical records help me to see the big picture of a patient's health, so I can make good use of our time together and answer my patient's questions. My goal is to provide the most appropriate care for my patients, so they aren't spending extra time or money to get the care they deserve.

How I thrive

I strive for a balance in life between work and leisure. I enjoy many outdoor activities including hiking, camping, boating, and mountain biking. I also enjoy exercise and do a variety of activities to maintain good physical and mental health. I love to travel and especially enjoy animals.