About Me

I was raised in a Navy family, so I had the opportunity while growing up to live in many different parts of the United States. My husband and I have lived in the Northwest now for over 20 years, and enjoy the beautiful mountains and friendly people. We have always enjoyed being active outdoors by running, hiking, biking, windsurfing and snowboarding, and now enjoy these activities with our three active kids. I became interested in practicing in podiatry when in high school, in part from personal experience with sports injuries.

About my practice

I consider it a privilege to practice in a field which allows me to help my patients maintain their mobility and pursue activities they enjoy with less foot pain. My philosophy of practice is to provide each of my patients with a thorough understanding of their particular foot problem, as well as the information and support they need to heal, and I am supported in this pursuit by a very caring and competent staff.

How I thrive

Spending time with my family and maintaining an active lifestyle are important to me. I thrive on challenging myself in my personal life with trying new things, such as learning piano, tackling an art project, or trying a new sport with my kids. All of these things keep me motivated with a positive perspective in both my personal and professional life.