About Me

I was born and raised in Mililani on Oahu. When I was growing up, my entire family had poor vision, and as a result I spent a lot of time in the office of our optometrist, who happened to be a family friend.

About my practice

It was always my ambition to work in a medical field. My childhood experience in an optometry practice made a big impression on me, and I could see the importance of helping people with their eyesight, one of our most important senses. Most everyone will need glasses or contact lenses at some point in their life. It’s very rewarding to me to help people enhance their vision or to prevent vision loss. I did my optometry residency at the Lexington, Kentucky Veterans Association Medical Center through the Indiana University School of Optometry. My professional affiliations include memberships in the Hawaii Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association. I have also participated in the Special Olympics eye screenings on Oahu.I like to read as many up-to-date research journal articles as possible to assist me in providing the best possible care to my patients.Joining the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group was an easy decision for me. This organization has fantastic doctors all under the same roof who collaborate to provide top-quality care to patients. It’s a privilege and an honor for me to be a part of such a well-established and well-rounded professional group.I enjoy hearing my patients’ life stories and experiences as well as their health concerns, which gives me the opportunity to make a positive difference in their lives. My philosophy of care is to treat each patient as an individual; to recognize that a single, one-way approach may not meet each person’s needs; and to tailor treatment plans accordingly.

How I thrive

I believe that I should model the behaviors I recommend to my patients, so I aim to stay fit and happy. In addition to CrossFit — my favorite outlet for physical fitness and stress relief — I look forward to spending time with my wife, hiking in the mountains, camping, fishing, and traveling the world.