About Me

I was born and raised in Southern California. At 18, I decided to experience living in a different culture and travelled to Europe. I spent my 20s living and working in England, France, and Switzerland. Eventually I returned to the United States to study child psychology, an interest I’d had since elementary school.

About my practice

My philosophy is that intervening in early childhood can, in many cases, help alleviate mental health problems later in life, especially those related to social/emotional health. Given this view, I chose to practice child and family therapy, with a specialty in infant mental health. I graduated from Marylhurst University with a bachelor’s degree in art therapy, then completed a master’s degree in clinical social work at Portland State University. I continued my studies for the next two years with a graduate certificate in infant-toddler mental health. I am currently a student of birth psychology (prenatal, perinatal health). I work individually with children using expressive therapies (art therapy and sand tray) and have an interest in interpersonal neurobiology. With parents, I like to focus on parenting issues, as well as early attachment between the parent and the child.

How I thrive

Swimming laps, restorative yoga, and drawing are the mainstays I use to balance my work life and personal life. Summer is my favorite time of year, and I enjoy relaxing in our backyard garden with my husband of almost four decades and various family members.