About Me

Hello! Welcome to my Web page. My name is Dr. Clarence Hamilton, and I have been a Kaiser Permanente physician for over 18 years. I enjoy helping patients preserve their vision by managing conditions that affect their sight. I also find it gratifying to perform eye surgery in order to help improve or restore vision.


I am from Jacksonville, Florida. I decided to become a doctor when I was in high school; my mother had many health challenges during that period of my life. I was drawn to the compassionate and professional care that she received; this inspired me to want help others as my mother had been helped.

About my practice

The greatest thing about being a doctor is the opportunity to develop wonderful relationships with many different people. It gives me the chance to advocate for the health of my patients, not only to them, but also to their families and to other health care providers. I view a patient as a whole person, not just someone being examined for eye problems.

How I thrive

I stay healthy by trying to keep balance in my life. I acknowledge God as the center of my life; this keeps me grounded. I keep my mind stimulated, which creates an environment of learning. And I physically challenge my body, which promotes long-term physical health.