About Me

Hello! Welcome to my Web page. My name is Jin Lee, and I hope this page provides useful information to you as a member of Kaiser Permanente.


Originally, I’m from the East Coast. I grew up in the suburbs outside of New York City, and then moved to North Carolina for my college and medical school years. I moved to Los Angeles for my residency in 2007 and fell in love with the area—I’ve called it home ever since. Southern California is where I learned to become an anesthesiologist, met my husband, and where my sister and two beautiful nephews live.

About my practice

As an anesthesiologist, my face-to-face time with Kaiser Permanente members undergoing surgery is short, but crucial. It’s a stressful time for members, and I find it a privilege and a responsibility to carefully listen to what they have to say and to assure them that they’re in good hands.

How I thrive

In my opinion, nothing beats spending quality time with friends and family over a nice relaxing dinner. I also enjoy a light jog around the neighborhood, as well as listening to my favorite tunes.