About Me

I was born in Boston and grew up just south of Boston in a small New England town called Sharon, a place where everyone knows who you are and your family. That is how I like to practice podiatry; by treating everyone as if they were part of my family. I moved to Atlanta in 1988 for my residency in foot surgery and met my husband, who is a native Atlantan. We have two children that are 10 and 14 years old, and they keep us on our toes (no pun intended). The only thing that I have missed living in Atlanta is the ocean and snow. Therefore, my family vacations to the ocean in the summer and out west for snow skiing in the winter. Otherwise, Atlanta is about perfect.

About my practice

My podiatric practice covers pediatrics to geriatrics. While I only perform smaller, in-office surgical procedures currently, having been board certified in foot surgery provides me the insight to help manage, educate and guide patients to surgery if medically necessary for their continued progress and recovery of foot conditions.

How I thrive

I have a positive outlook on life. I find that with compassion, understanding, patience and a little humor most problems can be conquered or survived. My hobbies include music, movies, skiing, traveling and hanging out with friends and family.