About Me

I was born on a naval base in New Hampshire and grew up in the Boston area. I stayed in the Northeast for college, medical school and residency training. Along the way I met my wife, who is from Atlanta, and knew that my future lay there. I went to Emory to finish my medical training, and in 2008, joined Kaiser Permanente as a pulmonary and critical care specialist. My wife and I started a family while I was in training, and we now have two young sons.Both of my parents are doctors, and I chose a career in medicine because of what I saw growing up. I often saw my parents touch people’s lives at critical times and have a positive impact on the quality of their lives. Practicing medicine and providing that service was a longtime dream for me. In fact, one of the most enjoyable parts of my job is meeting people, listening to their problems and helping them feel better and return to living and enjoying life.

About my practice

After medical school, I found lung diseases and the intensive care unit (ICU) fascinating and decided to pursue specialty training.I spend roughly half my time in the office and half in the hospital. In the office, I see members with lung or chest problems or members who are having trouble breathing. Most often, I see people suffering from one of the common lung diseases like asthma, COPD (or emphysema), lung cancer and sarcoidosis. I also see many members for shortness of breath, cough and abnormal chest X-rays or CT scans. One of the things I like most about practicing at Kaiser Permanente is I am allowed to spend more time with my patients than typical in private practice.In the hospital, I see all Kaiser Permanente members in the ICU for any reason and any other members in the hospital with breathing problems. ICU patients are usually complex and I provide care as part of a team, often including surgeons, hospital-based doctors and other specialists. One thing I enjoy about working in the ICU is that while people can arrive very sick, we can often help them recover quickly. It is extremely rewarding to help someone who had been critically ill leave the hospital.

How I thrive

I love spending time with my wife and playing with my two boys. My boys give me an excuse to act like a child all over again. My wife sometimes complains about having three children in the house, but she tolerates it well. Her family lives in the area and we get together often. They provide much appreciated support for my kids, my wife and me.Personally, regular exercise helps me manage stress in my life. At the end of a stressful day, a visit to the gym always helps me feel better and recharge for the next day.Finally, I remain a Boston Red Sox fan. Growing up in the Boston area, rooting for the Red Sox was almost like a community religion. I enjoy relaxing and rooting them on, and I make sure to see them play at least once every summer when they play the Braves.