About Me

I was born and raised in Virginia. I completed my college, medical school and post graduate training in Virginia. I moved to Portland, Oregon in 1983 and started at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) as assistant professor of Radiation Oncology. In 1985 I entered private practice with Radiation Oncologists, PC. I have been treating Kaiser Permanente patients since 1985 and exclusively at Interstate Radiation Oncology Clinic since 2006.

About my practice

I practice general Radiation Oncology at the Interstate Radiation Oncology clinic. While I see all types of cases, I specialize in Gynecological cancers. I also have an interest in complimentary medicine. I appreciate the robust electronic medical record at Kaiser and the collaborative evidence based approach to patient care.

How I thrive

While I enjoy my practice of medicine, I relish time spent at home with my family. I am a history buff (WW II), enjoy sports car restoration, and play basketball for fun and exercise.