About Me

I grew up in small town Eastern Oregon. I still have a lot of friends and family in Heppner, where I am from. That is part of why I decided to return to Oregon in 2000 to practice after training and working for Kaiser Permanente in the Bay area of California for 15 years. I love working for Kaiser Permanente. I am involved in helping to make my office a better place to work and receive care.

About my practice

I try to listen well to my patients and to understand what they need and what they want to know. I have had a little sports medicine training and enjoy using that knowledge in my practice. I am also very comfortable working with GLBT patients.

How I thrive

I enjoy my patients. I am at ease with most everyone I see no matter your background. I think this comes from experiencing many different cultures. I love to travel our country and around the world whenever I can. And I love taking photographs wherever I travel. You'll see them displayed in my exam rooms.