About Me

I was born on the East Coast, though my family relocated to the West Coast and eventually settled in the Mid West. I had always wanted to live in Hawaii, so I made it a point to do some of my elective medical rotations here. Upon graduating from medical school, I returned for good. I love the isle’s trade wind weather, fantastic scenery and strong community spirit.

About my practice

I have always enjoyed analytical and investigative work but also consider myself to be a strong people person. Fortunately, a medical career allows me to combine all of my interests and strengths. Specializing in occupational medicine was a natural and befitting decision for me because I am able to apply my medical training in physical medicine and rehabilitation. I also get to see patients on both an urgent and ongoing basis; for me it is the best of both worlds. I enjoy occupational medicine because I can often relate to my patients who are primarily working adults in a variety of professions. From the age of seven, I worked in many types of jobs before pursuing a medical career, from stints in “blue-collar” labor positions to “white collar” professional and technical work. I truly enjoy getting to know my patients and being reminded of my own personal experiences. For me, the physician/patient relationship is the best part of being a doctor; it never gets old. I learn a great deal from my patients and I love listening to their experiences and hearing about all aspects of their lives, even those not directly related to their health or medical condition. This relationship helps me to be a better advocate for my patients and provide them with a greater understanding of their health. My philosophy is to treat my patients how I would like my family to be treated. The Hawaii Permanente Medical Group consists of an incredibly talented and supportive group of physicians. I am thankful to have access to so many gifted specialists offering such high quality coordinated care and I am honored to have them as colleagues.

How I thrive

I stay fit through a combination of weight lifting, cardio work, surfing and swimming. I stay mentally healthy by playing with my great Golden Retriever, Sunny. I also enjoy socializing with my friends and family, and spend much of my free time at church, the beach or the gym.