About Me

I’m glad you’ve found my Web page. For potential new patients, I look forward to having the opportunity to understand your medical needs and to provide you with top-notch care. For those who are currently under my care, I am happy to explain a little bit about myself.


I am a native Southern Californian and am glad to be back in the area after my training in the Midwest and Northern California. I am the first person in my family to enter the health care field. Being a women’s health advocate is very rewarding. I enjoy being able to care for my patients through all the stages of their lives. Following medical school, I completed by specialty training in obstetrics and gynecology (ob-gyn) at Kaiser Permanente in Santa Clara. Since 2005, I have assisted thousands of women maintain their wellness, address health issues, and progress through pregnancy here at Kaiser Permanente’s West Los Angeles Medical Center.

About my practice

I’ve wanted to be a physician since I was young. Having the opportunity to provide high-quality care through Kaiser Permanente has fulfilled my early dreams. My practice here has enabled me to use my skills as an ob-gyn doctor and build an extensive quantity of knowledge. It gives me pleasure each day to be able to apply my experience toward the betterment of those who have entrusted me with their care. Some areas of particular interest to me in the field of ob-gyn include teen health education, sexual health education, advocating for women’s safety, LGBT care, and performing minimally invasive surgery.

How I thrive

Keeping balance in my life is very important to me, as I hope it is with you. I like to visit my family in Riverside and San Diego whenever possible. I spend lots of time walking my dog (which gets me exercise, too). I enjoy travel, scuba diving, and trying out new restaurants.