About Me

I am originally from Connecticut and went to medical school in New York City. Though we grew up in nearby towns and went to the same college, my wife and I met as fellow medical students. When she decided to move to Denver for her residency, I was excited to follow her and complete my training at the University of Colorado. Kaiser Permanente is a great place to work because the integrated model of care ensures that patients are getting comprehensive care both inside and outside the hospital setting.

About my practice

I chose to work as a hospitalist because I enjoy the diversity and complexity of hospital medicine and appreciate the connection that it allows me to develop with my patients. My role is to act as a patient's primary provider in the hospital. Being hospitalized can be difficult and scary. I believe that open and honest communication with you and your family can go a long way toward making the hospital experience easier to navigate. In directing and coordinating your care, I frequently collaborate with medical specialists, surgeons, nurses and therapists as well as outpatient physicians to ensure successful, comprehensive care both inside and outside the hospital setting.

How I thrive

Many of my happiest memories include being outside and exploring the natural world. Since I was little, I have loved traveling, hiking, cycling, rafting and snowboarding. Before medical school, I was lucky enough to be able to combine these interests with medicine and work as a ski patroller for one year. Later in my career, I sought out medical experiences in some of the more remote and beautiful countries in the world. When traveling, or even in Denver, my wife and I love to explore (and frequently cook) new and different foods. When I can’t be outside, I enjoy reading magical realism, listening to stand-up comedy and gardening.