About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I would like to introduce myself to you and to tell you a little more about my practice.


I come from a large family that instilled in me strong family and moral values. My extended families are rooted in Southern California, where I primarily grew up. I have traveled many places outside the United States and lived outside of California for many years during my medical education and training. I finally gravitated back to Southern California, which I call home. I enjoy the cultural diversity here and plan to raise my kids in a culturally diverse environment.

About my practice

I believe in healthy living, staying active, diligence, and a sense of responsibility. Helping my patients to improve their health is my priority. I work closely with my nurses in the Gastroenterology Department. My goal is to provide health-care health care for my patients. I’m here to listen, support, provide care, and be your partner in health. I strive to understand my patients’ medical problems and concerns in order to provide individual care with compassion. My special areas of interest in gastroenterology are esophageal motility disorders and inflammatory bowel disease.

How I thrive

Keeping the balance between my career, family, friends, and recreation activities is important to me. We spend money to maintain our cars on a regular basis and shouldn’t forget to maintain our health as well. I believe in a healthy diet and eating moderately to maintain a healthy, ideal body weight. I try to keep myself busy and stay active most of the time. I always like to learn something new and welcome changes for the better. I have a strong work ethic, and I welcome new challenges. To maintain my physical health, I do routine exercise, occasionally catch the wind on the beach with my sail and board, and sometimes enjoy the underwater view in my scuba gear. I enjoy adventure traveling to remote, undeveloped countries. I found I have more quality time for my friends and family after I abandoned TV and online social media. Be healthy, live well, stay active, and cherish every moment.