About Me

Hi, my name is Dr. Mehyar Hashem. I have been fortunate to have been a member of the hospitalists team at Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Medical Center since 2005. You may wonder what or who is a hospitalist. This is a relatively new field in internal medicine, with an emphasis on caring for hospitalized patients and all the challenges that this entails, including consults, intensive care unit care, admissions, diagnosis, and treatment of acutely ill patients.


I became interested in medicine when I was volunteering in a clinic set up for the indigent population in Oakland, California. I continued to volunteer at this clinic throughout my undergraduate years at UC Berkeley. I developed close relationships with the patients at the clinic, who would confide in me their fears and wishes. I realized then that a physician has the power to change a person's life in so many ways including health, hope, and friendship.

About my practice

My practice involves caring for a person as soon as he or she enters the hospital until the member is released to go home or to another facility. I think of myself as the primary physician in charge of members but also part of the team.

How I thrive

I have always been interested in nature, whether it is hiking, biking, or taking in the scenery at one of the many parks in Southern California. I also enjoy photography and combine it with my other activities.